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Since I was a child I always knew that I could fly. At first, I thought it would simply require very fast feet and steely resolve. Alas, I very quickly learnt that no matter how great my willpower, my physical self could not take off of its own accord.


With the passing of the years, my spiritual side grew, and I soon began to see just how much my mind was limiting me from doing what I really wanted to do, from being free, and, ultimately, from flying. Interestingly, I also realised that throughout my career, an odd little bird had always been part of my art, consciously or unconsciously. It dawned on me: like the bird, I was flying, but only when working creatively in the studio or while dreaming.


The bird has now become an adult. He wears suits and has both feet firmly planted on the ground. And yet, his head is still that of a creature of flight, free from the constraints of the physical world, always ready to dream, soar, and to experience life to the fullest. Through his art, this curious little creature is also trying to change the world. Just a little. Step by step.

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